Restoring Confidence in Your Equipment

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Our core story

Our core business is restoring industrial equipment; after a fire, water or chemical leakage, electricity breakdowns or any other damage. Our clients are industry, the maritime sector, offshore, wind energy and in other business who needs fast, effective and secure assistance in getting their business back in business. Arepa use the latest technology and more than 30 years of experience to save costs for businesses, and to bring operations back to a pre-loss condition.

Our services
Arepa is more than damage control. We are also providing maintenance service, inspections, monitoring and consulting on how to prevent damage and secure your valuable installations and equipment on a day-to-day basis. And together with partners and insurance companies we strive to find the most effective way to secure businesses; before, under and after an eventual damage.

Our values
At Arepa we consider ourselves to be problem solvers. We are focused on cooperating closely with our partners and our clients to finding fast and flexible solutions, we develop new methods and technologies to create more effective measures for damage control and restoration, and we are focused on saving costs for our clients.

Our future
Arepa is founded back in 1981 and is today a financially solid and growth-oriented company with 200 employees in 14 business centres in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, England and France. Our business is global. We have done business in more than 60 countries, and are continuing to develop new methods, technologies and services that are demanded by our clients around the world.

Arepa is taking control of damage and brings business back in business!

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