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Crawford Tech Talk Publicaion: Corrosion by Chlorides
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Corrosion by Chlorides and the measures to prevent it..

A recent article in CRAWFORDs global "Tech Talk" publication discusses AREPAs expertise of analysing corrosion risks after a fire.

What measures should be taken in order to reduce the cost of a damage and to ensure business continuity?

Fire at bakery PréPain in Holland.
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After a fire 2 of 10 production lines were irreparably damaged at the bakery PréPain in Holland.

The remaining production lines were affected to an extent that the only solution rather than replacement was a technical reconditioning of all lines and equipment.

AREPA were asked to take care of the damage and a complete reconditioning project was initiated.

Despite extensive damage after the fire AREPA managed to get the company back into operation.
PréPain has filmed the process which you can see here.


Immediate Response Saves Danish Workplaces
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A night in June it burned at Rose Poultry’s poultry production unit in Vinderup.

A number of Denmark’s leading experts were ready to help the company back on its feet before the last smoulders were put out.
In less than 24 hours, 500 workplaces were in danger of going up into flames, but soon it was clear that the owners of Rose Poultry would do anything to keep production in Denmark.

Here’s the story about, how Rose Poultry got to produce again – told by the involved parties

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Arepa and DSB Vedligehold – a unique co-operation
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Once in a while something happens that should not happen. This happened a late night in February 2011 at Fredericia Station, where two IR4 trains from DSB (Danish State Railroad) burned – luckily without any people getting hurt.

While fire-fighters fought the fire a group of people were standing in front of the trains talking. And even before the fire was put out they had a plan for how the severely damaged trains were to get back on the tracks...

FIRE - Norske Skog, Halden
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On the 2nd of February 2011 a central production unit caught fire at one of the worlds largest producers of paper for papers and magazines Norske Skog in Halden, Norway. Even though the fire was quickly extinguished the cables in the factory was severely damaged and 75 % of the total productions capacity, which amounts to 500.000 tons paper for magazines a year, was brought to a standstill. A massive cleaning and reconditioning work now had to be faced.

AREPA was called based on their vast experience concerning the effects of corrosive damage on technical equipment to join the project management group and assist the project manager from Norske Skog, Rune Østgård in reconditioning as much of the production apparatus as possible.

Fire in Kuwait Danish Dairy (KDD)
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KDD is the leading producer and distributor of food and beverages in The Arabian Golf. With over 1500 employees the production includes more than 160 different products within dairy products, juice, ice cream and culinary specialities.

A large fire lead to a total stop of production and with COWI as overall project manager KDD immediately started to find the best qualified companies to bring KDD back to production. The choice fell on AREPA to perform the technical restoration and repair, and the Danish SSG (Skadeservicegruppen) for the cleaning of structures. After less than 7 weeks KDD could again start major parts of the production.

Maintenance Cleaning - DONG Power Station
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Esbjerg Power Station Unit 3 is one of the world's most modern power plants. The power station was commissioned in 1992 and it uses a combination of coal and oil as fuel.

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