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Fire in Kuwait Danish Dairy (KDD)

On 26 0ctober 2009 a fire broke out in one of the largest dairies in the Middle East, KDD. 10.000 square meters of the large plant were heavily damaged.
The Danish consultants within engineering COWI called upon AREPA and in just 2 days the measures for dealing with the secondary damage were in place.
7 weeks after the damage the dairy could restart major parts of their production. 75 tons of plastics for packaging had burned and all machines, electrical panels and other production equipment were severely contaminated with soot.

After performing more than 200 chloride measurements AREPA found that intensive and thorough measures against secondary damage with subsequent restoration was necessary to prevent a total loss.
With 20 persons in 1½ months AREPA managed to save close to 80% of the production equipment and, among other things, 100 meters of electrical panels. The company, with a turnover of 225 million euro, was then able to partially start producing again.

”We have been incredibly happy with the people sent by AREPA and KDD are happy that they saved 80% of their equipment”
Uffe Jensen, Head of Industry COWI

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